Mocha lattes don't have to be a guilty pleasure anymore thanks to Oaza's Cacao Mocha.

Most canned lattes are loaded with sugar (if you want them to taste good) but we found a better way. Our all natural, vegan, and Keto friendly mocha cold brew is as rich and decadent as the coffee you crave from your favorite barista, but you don't have to sacrifice your time, health, or hydration.

Oaza perfected the balance of:

  • Premium Colombian Arabica - for the smoothest source of roasty goodness and natural caffeine
  • Natural Unprocessed Cacao - to reduce inflammation and give a rich, chocolatey rush 
  • Our Specialized Oat Milk - to round it all out with a sugar free touch of creamy sweetness 

This electrolyte infused cold brew is better than you can find at a coffee shop, for 40 calories, with only 8 natural ingredients that guarantee your coffee gives you the energy you need without draining your body of the nutrients it needs.

Premium cold brew coffee | Hydrating electrolytes | 280mg caffeine per can | Vegan, gluten free, dairy free | Keto friendly 0g sugar

Oaza Electrolyte Cold Brew - Cacao Mocha 6-Pack

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