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75% of people are dehydrated

Low energy Tackma

Fatigue Tackma

Lack of Focus Tackma

Enhanced with Electrolytes

Our premium Colombian dark roast coffee is infused with electrolytes to offset the dehydrating diuretic effect of caffeine.  All coffees are 98% water, and the electrolytes unlock the hydration potential of coffee by helping your body retain that water.

Energy, Upgraded

You can’t be fully energized without being hydrated. Regular coffee doesn’t offer this extra boost, but Oaza's electrolyte-infused cold brew does.

No Sugar, Low Calorie

Oaza’s healthy lattes are coffee-forward and rich in taste with creamy plant-based oat milk and antioxidant-rich cacao.  We use a small dash of all-natural monk fruit for just enough sweetness without any of the sugar!

  • Caffeine improves athletic performance
  • Electrolytes support energy and fitness
  • Hydration is critical to a good workout
  • Easy on your stomach
  • Natural ingredients (compared against fake preworkout powders)
  • Replenish lost electrolytes from sweat
  • Rehydrate your body
  • Keep your workout energy going through your entire day.
  • Most people hit a wall in the afternoon
  • Also very common for people to be dehydrated at this point of the day
  • Can’t fully recovery unless you get caffeine and hydration
  • Electrolytes and hydration are the key to hangover recovery
  • We have both