Hydrating, Clean Energy.

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Don't Let Dehydration Drag You Down.

Lower energy, headaches, and poor focus, and that's only the beginning.

Dehydration prevents you from being the most that you can be.  Don't fall into the dehydration trap and get the most of your everyday beverages.

Boost Your Day.

Electrolytes are your body's communication system. Boost your body, boost your day.

Infused with sodium, calcium, and magnesium; Oaza works harder than any coffee you've tried before.  These electrolytes supercharge our premium coffee to levels never seen before.

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Without the Burnout.

Get the coffee boost you need without the crash. Electrolytes help your body create it's own energy after the caffeine boost fades.

Oaza is the key to sustained, natural energy.

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Premium Coffee

Our Columbian beans are micro-roasted to the perfect specification and cold brewed to perfection for a smooth, refreshing taste.

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Hydrating Electrolytes

Infused into every can, Oaza's electrolyte blend is crafted to boost your day with clean, hydrating energy.

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Zero Sugar,
Zero Additives,
Low Calories

Naturally sweetened without added sugar or extra calories. Our flavors are created with all natural ingredients & no preservatives, ever!

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