Your Daily Coffee Might Have a Lot More Sugar Than You Realize

Coffee is a part of everyday life for many people. It provides a boost of energy in the form of caffeine, it can be a social drink that can be enjoyed at all hours of the day, and it simply tastes good. However, many people don't realize the amount of dangerous sugar that can be found in your typical morning coffee from the coffee shop chain on the way to work. Even drinks you may think are healthy can contain large amounts of sugar that can be harmful to your body when consumed frequently.

Why is sugar dangerous?

Once upon a time, fats were seen as the enemy to the human body. In fact, several decades ago, many companies launched anti-fat campaigns to promote fat as a villain while keeping the real enemy, sugar, out of the line of fire. Today, Harvard Health Publishing states that eating too much added sugar can increase the risk of dying with heart disease and greatly contribute to dangerous diseases such as diabetes. Despite knowing the risks, the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugars every day. Didn't eat a bunch of sweets today and wondering where all that sugar is coming from? The truth is, many food and beverage items contain a large amount of sugar that has been carefully and deliberately hidden from the consumer. One place that you may be getting too much sugar is your favorite coffeehouse.

How traditional coffees contain so much sugar

If driving up to a coffee chain and ordering a coffee is one of your daily traditions, you may be consuming more sugar than you realize. Say your typical order is a white chocolate mocha with nonfat milk. You may think you're making a healthy choice, but really, you are consuming up to 45 grams of sugar in that one drink. A frozen coffee with caramel could net you 66 grams of sugar. Drinks labeled with healthy ingredients, such as oat milk, often contain many grams of sugar that add up significantly when you consider how frequently you have them.

Coffee doesn’t need sugar to taste great

Sugar is, first and foremost, an addictive substance. When the body is addicted to something, it tends to crave that something and release endorphins when it receives it. People who try sugar-free drinks often find them unappealing because the lack of sugar is not something they are used to. Abstaining from sugary drinks for a time will allow your body to readjust and find that those sugar-free drinks are actually delicious. Typically, once your body has adjusted to having less sugar, a sugary drink will taste awful, and your body will thank you for the switch. Drinks that contain no sugar leave room for the other ingredients to pop and create a more satisfying beverage.

Hydrate yourself with the zero sugar Oaza cold brew coffee

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