6 Thing You Should Know About Hydration

Feeling sleepy and unmotivated, despite getting your eight hours of sleep today? Maybe you're sporting a headache or muscle cramp that you can't seem to shake. If you're just not "feeling right," you could be suffering from mild dehydration.

Dehydration isn't something that only happens post-workout-- everyday activities contribute to dehydration in more ways than we might expect, making it even more important to keep the water coming throughout the day. It's almost too easy to get behind on keeping your fluids topped off, especially if you aren't familiar with the (sometimes subtle) symptoms of dehydration

Hydration affects your overall well-being.

Studies have proven that even mild dehydration can affect your ability to perform at your best. Staying on top of your hydration levels helps you to maintain optimal mental and physical performance, from your head to your toes.

The mental advantages:

  • Decreased anxiety and mood swings: According to recent research, even slight dehydration can contribute to bad moods, listlessness, and anxiety, and worsens when coupled with physical activity and heat. Staying properly hydrated throughout the day alleviates random anxiety and reduces unexpected changes in your mood.
  • Increased brain function: Hydrated individuals experience a higher level of mental clarity than their dehydrated counterparts, with those who are on the high end of water consumption enjoying an uptick in memory, problem solving, and attention span.

The physical advantages:

  • Stay cool as a cucumber: Your body uses sweat as a way to keep your temperature even throughout the day. Sweating protects us from suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion when the temperature outside causes our internal temperature to rise, or during strenuous activity.
  • Relax, dude: High blood pressure stems from several factors, but hydration plays a key part in keeping your blood from becoming too thick. Without adequate hydration, blood becomes thicker and more difficult for your heart to circulate which, in turn, causes your heart to work harder. Stay hydrated to avoid an increase in blood pressure that can become chronic.
  • Work hard, play harder: Hydration levels play a very important role in preventing muscle fatigue by helping your body decrease the rate at which it depletes glycogen. More glycogen means more stored clean energy for your body to rely on during high intensity fitness activities. Introducing more clean energy means that you can keep doing the things you love, and for longer.

Caffeine affects hydration.

It's true that caffeine is a diuretic, meaning that it increases the rate at which urine is produced by the body. While seasoned caffeine junkies are unlikely to experience much of a change, a sudden increase in caffeine after a period of regular or no use can trigger a short-term response in the body that leads to an increase in urination. Simply put, experienced coffee drinkers have little to worry about. 

BUT, coffee isn't the villain here.

In fact, evidence gathered in a recent study indicates that coffee can help you stay hydrated. Coffee is actually 98% water (the other 2% or so being made up of plant material imparted by the beans), so the popular all-day beverage for most isn't the culprit in reducing overall hydration. Drinking plenty of water each day should help to combat any diuretic effect coffee DOES end up having on your body, anyway.

Electrolytes are the key to effective hydration.

Drinking water might not be enough to maintain proper hydration, however. Electrolytes, minerals found in the foods and drinks we consume, give our body a necessary boost that keeps our most essential bodily functions running smoothly. These minerals are naturally shed through our sweat, urine, and other bodily fluids, and need to be replenished frequently to avoid creating an imbalance. A minor lack of electrolytes can cause uncomfortable muscle cramping and weakness, while a major imbalance can cause serious health problems. 

Electrolytes make coffee more hydrating.

Because coffee is mostly water, it only makes sense to add beneficial electrolytes to it, allowing you to get more out of your morning cup of Joe. Oaza Cold Brew coffee is infused with the perfect trio of electrolytes: 

  • Magnesium: Fuels clean energy creation, increases fitness energy, and counters inflammation.
  • Sodium: Increases hydration retention, aids digestion, and increases fitness performance.
  • Calcium: Fights off free radicals, reinforces the nervous system, and aids muscle development and maintenance.

With a stacked roster like that, it's easy to see why our coffee stands out as the best. Our powerful triplet of electrolytes is effortlessly combined with Fair Trade Certified beans and clean, plant-based natural ingredients to provide you with a consciously better choice to fuel your day.


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